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A different form of discrimination

May 21. 2018 9:35PM

To the Editor: Like any group of individuals who for good reason bear the brand of discrimination, there will always be those who just don’t get it. Based on his Union Leader letter to the editor, Steven Scaer sadly qualifies as but one among many who falls into this category.

In the case of transgenders, do we really need to return to the days of “colored bathrooms” and the rest of it to know what to do in this case? Have we not really already (as a people) paid our dues amply enough to afford a discrimination-free society, which in this case is but bias of a different stripe?

In his letter, Scaer makes the same erroneous claim common to so many; namely, that “There’s no hard science that women can be trapped in men’s bodies.” Now, with all due respect, permit me to take to task our misguided letter writer.

Through imaging studies and the latest scientific research, it has in fact been determined that there is a biological basis for transgender identity.

It seems Scaer has difficulty accepting this “hard” evidence—should he even bother to consider it—because, should we overturn the particular rock under which he and his specious reasoning reside, creepy little things like sexism and homophobia are bound to crawl out.

It should be noted that transgenders also variously identify themselves as “genderqueer,” “bigender,” “pangender,” “genderfluid,” and “agender.” But tell Scaer that and he might have a heart attack.



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