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Equality in Israel

May 21. 2018 9:34PM

To the Editor: The underlying issue in Israel continues to fester. Two peoples have a legitimate claim to the same land and Jerusalem is sacred to three religions. Israel has built illegal settlements on the West Bank, in violation of international law. So is using live fire on protesters in Gaza, which killed dozens, including children, and wounded more than 2,000.

The West Bank might possibly have been a homeland for the Palestinians, and East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine. With the illegal settlements and moving our Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, you can forget that. The Israelis oppose assimilation and are outnumbered by Palestinians, and this gap continues to widen. The U.S. gives huge amounts of money to Israel so apartheid seems to be Israel’s future. All people are created equal. It’s just that some people are more equal than others.

I can’t believe the Union Leader really believes this whole situation is the creation of Hamas. It explains why, when I left the Democratic Party, I chose to register as an independent rather than a Republican. One of the great tragedies of our shared humanity is that the oppressed can quickly become the oppressor.



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