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Heads up for a tax rebate

May 22. 2018 11:19PM

To the Editor: Low and moderate income homeowners in New Hampshire may qualify for a rebate (RSA 198:57) on the State Education Property Tax portion of their property tax bill. This is based on their Adjusted Gross Income on the previous years (2017) Federal Income Tax form: (1) a single person with total household adjusted gross income of $20,000 or less or (2) married or head of a New Hampshire household with adjusted gross income of $40,000 or less.

To file a claim, a 2017 DP-8 (Low and Moderate Income Homeowners Property Tax Relief) Form must be completed and postmarked no earlier than May 1, 2018, and no later than June 30, 2018. Forms and instructions are available from the Department of Revenue Administration at or by calling (603) 230-5001, option 1. Local town and city government should also have information about the DP-8 Form.

This property tax relief has been available in New Hampshire for more than 10 years, but only a few people are aware of it. It appears to be one of the best kept secrets in New Hampshire!



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