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Londonderry Town Council to research Queen City bus route

Union Leader Correspondent

May 23. 2018 11:55PM

LONDONDERRY — The Londonderry Town Council plans to look into creating a bus route connecting Manchester to Londonderry’s industrial center. That was among some of the goals put forward by each council member.

The council revived a long-neglected tradition of creating annual goals, and each councilor discussed their ideas at the last meeting on Monday.

Town Manager Kevin Smith said having council members come up with goals each year used to be a more regular practice but it fell out of fashion for the past four years.

The bus route was the idea of council member Ted Combes. The idea is to make it easier for employees working in the Pettengill Road and Harvey Road areas south of the Manchester Boston Regional Airport to commute to and from center Manchester.

Smith and council members plan on reaching out to Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig about the idea.

Member Tom Dolan wanted to set a goal of attracting one to three new businesses for further development in the Pettengill Road area within the next year.

Smith said the number is reasonable — since they have been averaging about half a dozen new business developments per year — but the location might be a sticking point. The owners have been sitting on the land and pricing it high.

“The land there is going for a premium,” Smith said.

Vice Chairman Joe Green wanted the town to start looking for alternative locations for delayed senior housing project. Smith said the delays have been due to land remediation and a constantly changing goal line by environmental regulators.

And member Jim Butler wanted to bring back the Londonderry Leadership program, which introduces members of the public to the various facets of municipal government. Council Chairman John Farrell said it would be a good idea to incorporate new town employees into such a program, since many face a learning curve when they’re promoted to management.

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