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Pushing up local taxes

May 23. 2018 11:52PM

To the Editor: Looking into more detail about our taxes, I have learned that different votes at the state level have pushed our taxes upward. I have contacted all our representatives who have voted 100 percent to make this push to making the town tax load greater.

Only one responded to me with my first inquiry, and then not my second. For example, SB 193 would take some of our tax dollars away from our local school and go to private, home, and religious-schooled students. Right now, in New Boston, if a high school student goes to a private, home, or religious school, we pay $0. The representative suggested paying $6,000 to that family, via SB 193, was a good deal. When I questioned how this saved taxpayer money, I got no response. Right now, we pay $0 for that student.

Actions speak louder than words. Watch what your representatives are doing when they go to Concord.


New Boston

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