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May 24. 2018 8:10PM

To the Editor: Union Leader readers might remember when the Nation & World section of the Union Leader was, for a short period of time, a USA Today insert that only focused on world news. Why the Union Leader decided to have a USA Today insert for its world news? Who knows. My bet it had to do with money and political views, but I digress.

The more important issue here is that the Union Leader, for an unknown reason, no longer refers to the Nation & World section as being associated with USA Today (a known pro-liberal news outlet.) Any educated reader can tell just by looking at the front page and headlines of the Nation & World section that it still has a pro-liberal, anti-Trump political bias on all its articles. The Union Leader should be ashamed of itself.

Most of your readers are smart and they are only interested in reading facts and truth. We’re not interested in liberal propaganda. Until you weed out pro-liberal news outlets like Reuters, The Washington Post, and The New York Times from this section, I’ll continue to use the fake news Nation & World section to potty train my Labrador puppy.



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