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What will it take?

May 24. 2018 8:09PM

To the Editor: From first-class airfare and luxury travel accommodations to four-star Michelin French restaurants, and now his first-class criminal defense attorney, for Scott Pruitt it’s only the best other people’s money can buy. In an appearance before the Senate, the embattled EPA administrator again avoided answering to Congress and to the American people about the growing list of scandals that have led to at least 16 independent federal investigations.

Sixteen investigations and he hasn’t been fired. I know people who received warnings for taking phone calls at work from their kids. Scott Pruitt’s consequences for misusing taxpayers money and resources, so far, has been uncomfortable questions on C-SPAN. Unbelievable.

This last time at the Senate subcommittee, Pruitt blamed everybody else by dismissing the investigations as partisan politics and the spending on obscure federal agency procedures. He admitted the existence of a legal defense fund for a first-class criminal defense lawyer to protect him in court — yet another example that Pruitt believes he deserves the best protections while communities across the country continue to suffer health and environmental harm under his lack of leadership.

I know people who have tough jobs, but they do it without a fancy paycheck. Pruitt isn’t doing his job, and he is spending thousands on food, travel, and security of our taxpayer money. Americans deserve an EPA administrator who is committed to upholding the agency’s mission of protecting public health and the environment. What will it take for Trump to boot Pruitt?



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