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Done with the NFL for good

June 07. 2018 6:44PM

To the Editor: Hey, NFL owners, you have just put a Band-Aid on a cancer! The NFL decided that they would fine NFL players for kneeling during our national anthem or have the players stay in the locker room during the presentation of the colors.

They also decided that you would pay the fines for the players. These morons, and the kneeling protestors, are the lowest form of humanity. I was done with the NFL when the protests started, though I watched a couple of games last year. Now, I’m done for good!

There are many thousands more like me out there. The NFL’s bottom line is dropping like guano, and it will zero out very soon. There are many, many ways to protest something, as in doing something good for the community, or in financially supporting good causes. The players are all multimillionaires, after all. Instead, they choose to disrespect our flag and the many, many thousands of military personnel who have bled and died supporting their arrogant lifestyles. Good luck.

May they all work in a car wash soon, which would be an awful insult to the many good people in car washes.



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