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Bourdain and Krauthammer

June 11. 2018 9:25PM

To the Editor: The revelations of last week of two people I have admired, though totally different, brings great sadness to me.

Anthony Bourdain died due to suicide this past Friday. Despite his well-heeled upbringing, he struggled with drug addiction, alcohol, and depression. In the end, however, he accepted his faults, overcame them, and turned his talents to the good. I listened to a 40-minute interview from 2007 on a St. Paul, Minn., radio show after hearing of his death. I was so impressed by his humility and honesty. That he took his own life, after all the struggles he went through, was a shock.

Charles Krauthammer recently penned his last column when realizing he has a short time to live because of cancer. This man was paralyzed at a young age due to a diving accident. As a highly recognized national columnist and TV commentator, I loved his contemplative insights. His columns were thoughtful and extraordinary.

These two men were completely different, politically and socially. They both faced adversity and death in two completely different fashions.

Liberal or conservative, they had a profound effect on me. They will be missed.

H. ALLEN von der HOFF

Front Street


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