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The cost of suppressed speech

June 12. 2018 8:36PM

To the Editor: On campuses across America, the views of individuals that conflict with those held by the faculty and sadly much of the student body are being stifled, under the pretext that it’s hate speech.

This is ironic, considering that these same people claim to be tolerant of so many different inclinations, when in truth they are only tolerant of beliefs in accord with their own. They’ve resorted to either eliminating them, or limiting them to certain areas of campus under the guise of hate speech, a dubious claim at best.

If the views that someone advocates are truly vile, that will be self-evident soon enough to anyone who is listening. Wouldn’t it be better to have those views that are truly hateful out in the open, exposed for all to see, rather than concealed in the shadows, festering below the surface?

If your beliefs cannot stand up to the scrutiny of being challenged by an opposing view, to the point where you try to abolish them instead of engaging in debating their merits, then your positions will be untenable when truly tested. College is supposed to be a cauldron of philosophies and ideas, as much as it is a place of higher learning, mixed together to help facilitate your ability to make sound decisions in the world. To suppress the views of another simply because you find them objectionable will in the end leave you lost to what you could have learned from others, as well as about yourself.


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