Print marketing is far from dead

“Print is interesting because it actually provokes people to read it. Just buying it or getting it in the mail provokes the reader to engage in a way that digital doesn’t. If you have time to read a magazine, then you’re going to really engage with the ads in there. Print ads should inspire you to look at them even longer.” – Britt Fero, Publicis head of strategy.

While the digital world has seemingly taken over all marketing avenues, print marketing is still a viable and effective channel. According to MarketingTechNews, 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately compared to the 45% of consumers opening emails right away. Targeted mail campaigns also boast a 4.4% response rate, compared to the 0.12% of email. Here are five strategies for using print in a digital-driven market:

  1. QR Codes & URLs
    Adding QR codes or ad-specific URLs to printed mail can help drive traffic to online campaigns. This can also provide information about your consumers, like where and when they are interacting with your printed material. Targeted audiences can be further dissected into specific interest groups to more effectively market future campaigns. Additionally, it allows for businesses to get creative and provide links to social media channels or landing pages designed to increase conversions, leads, and sales.
  2. Choose the Right Print Medium
    Print media has many options including magazine ads, direct mail, insert packages, newspaper ads, and other products. Take into consideration your target audience and what you want them to do when they receive your marketing material and then choose the type of print medium that will best serve that goal.
  3. Make it Visual
    The key to successful print marketing is visual appeal. Print allows brands to catch the eye and interest of the consumer while offering an incentive to interact, subscribe, comment, or buy. Maintaining a consistent look and feel for your brand across digital channels and print products will make your brand more recognizable for future campaigns.
  4. Combine Digital & Print Campaigns
    Print marketing campaigns are a great way to create awareness for upcoming digital marketing campaigns or local events. The campaign should not be time-sensitive, however, since print marketing can take a couple of weeks before generating engagement. But marketing teams working with digital and print can successfully coordinate campaigns to increase awareness, drive foot traffic, and improve overall ROI.
  5. Include CTAs
    While your printed marketing may be visually appealing and provide a URL or QR code, with a call-to-action, you leave consumers wondering if they should throw it away or recycle it. Using a CTA can drive traffic to your website, social media channels, or to a brick-and-mortar location. If you are offering a discount or other incentive, you can encourage them to post a picture on social media with relevant hashtags or share the code with friends.

By creating a synergistic strategy melding print and digital marketing, companies can be sure to reach the maximum number of consumers and increase engagement and ROI. Contact Union Leader for help developing a print and digital media marketing strategy.

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