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Lies, lies, and more lies

June 14. 2018 12:38AM

To the Editor: I kind of miss the disinformation that came from George W.’s White House because the lies were packaged in baffling yet interesting terms like intelligent design, enemy combatant, enhanced interrogation, and compassionate conservatism.

The current Republican is simply a bald-faced liar and master con-man who live-streams half-truths and lies on a daily basis. The barrage of distortions is relentless and overwhelming. After a 5-year lie about Obama’s citizenship, Trump steamrolled his way to the White House.

He masterfully played upon the anger and fear of his base with lies like “We’ll bring coal back.” He lied about losing the popular vote to fraud, and he lied about the crowd size at his inauguration. He lied about President Obama wiretapping Trump Tower. During his first year in office, Trump made well over 1,100 false and misleading statements.

Donald Trump is a chronic, pathological liar because he has a very fragile ego and selfish political and financial agendas. He constantly blames others like “Lying” Hillary, the FBI, the “witch hunt,” and “fake news” to divert attention from his own dishonesty. Such actions come from the playbooks of despots like Hitler and Trump’s buddy, Putin. America is starting to look like an updated version of George Orwell’s “1984.”

A healthy society has a foundation built on trust, cooperation, confidence, diversity, and mutual respect. But the Divider-in-Chief is steering our ship into very dangerous waters. If you listen closely to “Make America Great Again,” you’ll hear him add “For Me!”



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