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Keeping families together

June 17. 2018 9:35PM

To the Editor: Werner Reich survived Auschwitz. In his speech, “Why did the Holocaust happen?”, Reich says, “Indifference kills.”

On June 5, Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy made a statement on the floor of the Senate in which we hear the words of Maria, a mother who was separated from her two children. When Maria was told her children were being taken she was asked by an officer, “Can the little one walk?”

“Yes,” Maria said, and remembered, “The older one took his (the younger child’s) hand and they started to walk. Then they turned around to look and when they saw that I was not going after them they cried.” Another mother recalled, “It breaks my heart to remember my youngest wail, ‘Why do I have to leave?’”

Maybe you think, “OK, this is sad, but these people were wrong to cross our border.”

If that is you, are you proud to live within the borders of a country that separates families? And, if you are OK with these separations, what kind of person are you?

Sen. Leahy’s bill, the Keeping Families Together Act, is legislation to keep immigrant families together by preventing the Department of Homeland Security from taking children from their parents. Please call your representatives to vote for the Keeping Families Together Act.

Indifference has proven deadly to those seen as “the other” as well as to the country and hearts of the people who tolerated the unacceptable.



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