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Recycled garbage: Scary sea-level stat resurfaces

June 19. 2018 10:56PM

Like the tide coming back in, global warming alarmists are again recycling misleading projections about sea-level rise to spook New Hampshire homeowners.

The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) has released a new report claiming that 2,000 Seacoast properties are “at risk” of chronic flooding by 2045 because of rising sea levels. The Concord Monitor mischaracterized the report as claiming such flooding was “likely” which is precisely what UCS was counting on.

The Earth is warming. Sea levels are rising. But not nearly as quickly as the climate Chicken Littles claim. And it’s hard to get the public motivated about the moderate increases in temperatures and sea levels that are likely over the next century.

So the alarmists fudge the numbers, using a discredited claim first published by the New Hampshire Coastal Risk and Hazards Commission in 2016. That report projected sea levels rising as much as 6.6 feet by the end of the century. But this is an extreme upper bound unsupported by current data.

UCS exaggerates the odds of such a worst-case scenario, and warns that thousands of homes and businesses are “at risk.”

Such scare tactics undermine the credibility of global warming alarmists, and make it harder to convince the public about real risks and real solutions.


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