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Sununu kept his word to support police

June 23. 2018 10:34PM


To the Editor: During the last election cycle, Gov. Chris Sununu made a commitment to support New Hampshire's law enforcement community and to maintain an open-door policy at all times. He has kept his word, and we are thankful for his commitment and strong support. On Friday night, the New Hampshire Police Association endorsed Gov. Sununu for his re-election bid, which notably marks the earliest we have ever endorsed a candidate.

When Chris Sununu campaigned for governor, he told law enforcement that he'd have an open-door policy in Concord, he'd fix the Laurie List, and he'd keep the death penalty in place. Chris Sununu has done all three.

While we do not agree on every issue (in fact, we even endorsed his opponent in the last election,) Gov. Sununu has made sure that our voices, the voices of New Hampshire's law enforcement officers, are heard and respected. This year, the New Hampshire Police Association proudly stands with Gov. Chris Sununu, and we ask you to do the same.


President, NH Police Association

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