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How will the VA task force's changes impact veteran care?

June 27. 2018 10:46PM
Manchester VA Medical Center 

Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Peter O’Rourke this month approved of 29 recommendations brought up by the VA New Hampshire Vision 2025 Task Force, which has analyzed data and solicited input from veterans and other key stakeholders to learn how to best address the needs of veterans in the state. Following are some of those changes.

The Manchester VAMC will ameliorate New Hampshire veterans’ access to ambulatory care and in-patient care by developing working models of public-private partnerships. Partnering with the community and academic affiliates will allow for health care to be delivered throughout more of the state, and it will also allow for patient care in locations aligned with veteran residence demographics and in more modern facilities.

Manchester’s Office of Community Care will help see to the proper use of VA resources and help to expedite provider reimbursement.

A modernized women’s clinic at the Manchester VAMC will meet the demand for the ever-increasing number of eligible female veterans utilizing the VA’s services. This project is in progress and was approved in the VISN 1 FY18 construction operating plan for design. This work was also requested and supported by the New Hampshire Congressional Delegation, which had tasked the Manchester VA with providing a plan to relocate the current women’s clinic to a designated area where female veterans would feel safe and respected, an area with a private entrance. The future women’s clinic will incorporate additional provider teams; a gynecologist; and mental health, social work and nutrition services.

These are just a few of the areas in which veterans will see change. To read the full report, go to

What capital investments will be made?

• Creation of a whole-health community care center: Space for the center would likely be procured via a leased space in the Manchester area or in a hospital setting.

• Combining the Somersworth and Portsmouth Community-Based Outpatient Centers for expanded services.

• Establishment of an ambulatory surgical center in Manchester: A construction project/lease or partnership with an academic affiliate is required to move this recommendation forward.

• Establishment of residential and intensive outpatient mental health services:Establishing these services at the VAMC would require some initial investment into staffing and infrastructure.

• Increasing the number of Community Living Center beds onsite at the VAMC:This recommendation would require an analysis to determine the future number of beds.

Veterans with other questions about medical care and other services at the Manchester VA can send their questions, which could be the basis for a future column, to The veterans will remain anonymous.

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