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Workers win: Control over their own paychecks

June 27. 2018 10:48PM

The U.S. Supreme Court has delivered a huge win for public sector employees, and a huge blow to public sector unions that siphon money from their unwilling members.

Labor unions had been allowed to extract “agency fees” from workers who did not want to join.

Wednesday, the court struck down such involuntary fees for public sector unions, arguing that forcing workers to underwrite them violates the First Amendment rights.

Practically, the decision will allow employees of state and local governments to keep more of their own paychecks, deciding for themselves whether to join or fund a union. This will shift the balance of power within public sector unions from union bosses to the workers that the unions claim to represent.

This will functionally make New Hampshire a Right-to-Work state, at least for its public sector unions. Private sector unions, which have been losing membership and influence for decades, may still charge agency fees to non-members.

Given the choice over whether to pay for their unions, we will soon find out how many New Hampshire government employees actually think union membership is worth the cost.

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