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Final school safety report makes 59 recommendations

June 29. 2018 8:52PM
Gov. Chris Sununu 

CONCORD — A high-powered task force on school safety presented 59 recommendations for change to Gov. Chris Sununu who praised the group’s final report Friday.

Sununu said it will take time to implement many of the changes but a key milestone would be to have a social emotional learning (SEL) program in place at all schools to help teachers diagnose and head off problems in the classroom.

“Many schools have SEL programs in place, but these programs may not be robust enough to be effective in these challenging times,” Sununu said.

“Programs have emerged that can be a tool for prevention not only for violence, but for addiction, suicide, and the toxic anxiety that has plagued our school children for too long.”

Other reforms would include a 24 hour anonymous tip line for students, teachers and parents, a one-stop resource center and a school-based, “See Something Say Something” campaign.

Sununu created the Governor’s School Safety Preparedness Taskforce and its final report comes after 90 days and more than 1,000 hours of research.

The state has invested $30 million in grants that will supply security improvements to 90 percent of school buildings in the state.

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