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Sanborn will fight for liberty

July 10. 2018 8:15PM

To the Editor: In September, voters in New Hampshire’s First Congressional District have a crucial decision to make: Nominate another candidate that will do nothing more than satisfy personal interests and D.C. lobbyists, or nominate a candidate that will put New Hampshire and liberty first. New Hampshire Republicans cannot afford to nominate another candidate for office that will only vote according to what party leaders want. We must nominate a candidate that will listen to the people of New Hampshire and fight for the rights of every resident of our beautiful state.

Andy Sanborn is the Republican candidate that will do just that: fight for New Hampshire and for us. We have a remarkable opportunity to elect a candidate that will break free from the mainstream and set the tone in Washington on how to be a leader and fighter for liberty. In an environment where our gun rights are constantly under attack, along with our rights to privacy, free speech, and assembly becoming more and more limited, we need to elect a congressman like Andy. With a proven conservative like Andy in Washington, we can rest assured that our constitutional rights will remain intact. Andy has proven that he is not afraid to stand up to lobbyists, bureaucrats, and party bosses when it goes against his principles of liberty. In September, Andy is our best chance to keep our cherished individual rights safeguarded.


Forest Hill Way


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