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Edwards’ grassroots campaign

July 10. 2018 8:15PM

To the Editor: As you watch the race for the First District congressional seat heat up, things start to come into focus. Recently, the Democratic candidates got together in Hampton and it appears their platforms are interchangeable.

On the Republican side, there is a little more diversity but fewer candidates. The one standout is the grassroots campaign of Eddie Edwards. He gets it. This guy understands that New Hampshire is a small state but extremely diverse. While the rest of the pack is laser-focused on the Seacoast, Eddie Edwards realized early on that the district covers a lot more.

Even before he decided to run for Congress, working for the New Hampshire Liquor Commission, he met with people all over the state. He knows that the needs of Conway are far different than the needs of Chester. What works in Manchester probably won’t work in Moultonborough. So from Dover to Derry, he will represent all of us.

I was at a recent town hall event where anything goes. There were Republicans, independents, and Democrats in the crowd and Edwards answered every question directly and honestly, and the crowd appreciated it. For my friends in the North Country, Eddie Edwards is your guy. If you’re on the Seacoast, he is your guy. If you’re anyplace in between, he is going to represent you, too.

Anyone can send out mailers or purchase a 30-second spot on the radio, but very few are going up and down the state shaking hands and knocking on doors.



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