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The SAD Party

July 10. 2018 8:15PM

To the Editor: I am calling for the abolishment of the Democratic Party. Let’s look at Democratic Party policies:

Abolish the Second Amendment, and confiscate all guns. Abolish the Electoral College. Free college for everyone. Free health care for everyone. Open borders, abolish ICE. Federal job guarantees. Abolish the tax cuts, raise taxes.

The new name of the Democrat Party will be Socialist American Democrats (SAD). The new leader of the SAD party is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who believes the new face of the Democratic Party is socialism.

Is the SAD party going to consult with Venezuela on its success with socialism? Who is going to pay for all of this? Will a cup of coffee cost $2.5 million in the future? Will Hillary come out of the woods and run as a SAD party member? Are there any moderate Democrats anywhere?



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