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Sanborn follows through

July 10. 2018 8:15PM

To the Editor: It is that time of year again. Candidates for office are campaigning and making empty promises that they never truly desire to fulfill. As candidates pander to the masses as the “outsider” or the “change we need,” it can become a nuisance. Fortunately, here in New Hampshire, we have a candidate that is running on a proven record with proven results. Andy Sanborn is running for Congress and I urge you to support him.

For the first time in a long time, we have a candidate that is not running with a “holier than thou” strategy, but instead a down-to-earth small business owner that understands the daily struggles of the everyday person. Andy has separated himself from the pack by focusing on what is important, his constituents. Rather than falling for the demands of the bureaucrats and party leadership, Andy understands that the needs of his constituents are why he is in office. He wants to fight for lower taxes, cuts in regulation, and less government infringement upon our rights. In other words, Andy wants commonsense conservatism returned to Washington. As a fourth generation native, Andy understands the roots and heritage of freedom in New Hampshire, something his opposition cannot claim.

As we enter into the heat of the election season, it is crucial that we keep our eyes clear and avoid falling for the traps laid out by disingenuous candidates. Instead we must nominate and elect a proven conservative like Andy Sanborn to Congress.



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