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Osborne for state representative

July 10. 2018 8:14PM

To the Editor: I am announcing my candidacy for state representative to serve the people of Campton, Grafton District 7.

As a primary care physician in New Hampshire, my experience was rewarding personally, but I was often shocked by the limited resources available to people with psychiatric and addiction problems. This improved with adoption of the New Hampshire Health Protection Program (Medicaid expansion). More people are now able to access affordable primary care, mental health support, and treatment for substance abuse. But we must do more!

I am running to advocate for better services for all citizens. Campton, like many rural towns in our state, is caught in a bind. It wants to provide good education and vocational training, affordable housing, comprehensive medical care, preservation of our unique environment, and find good business opportunities. But with limited resources and a small tax base, we need financial assistance. The state government’s decreasing return of funds from the Statewide Education Property Tax to local schools has resulted in an ongoing crisis in funding for 1-12 grade education.

How can we create a vibrant and competitive state if our education system is handicapped? Our average household income is fifth highest in the nation! I believe that the state can find the resources to assist small towns if it chooses.

It is time for New Hampshire small towns to demand the services and financing that the state should provide. I ask for your support in the general election on Nov. 6.



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