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Last Week's Rare Bird Alert

July 13. 2018 9:30PM

This is New Hampshire Audubon’s Rare Bird Alert for Monday, July 9.

A Mississippi kite was seen near Mockingbird Lane in Newmarket on July 4; one was seen near South Main Street in Newmarket on the 8th; and one was seen near Edgewood Road in Durham on the 8th.

A royal tern was seen from Great Boar’s Head in Hampton on July 6, and a Roseate tern was seen in Hampton Harbor on the 4th.

A Brant was seen at Rye Harbor State Park on July 6.

Eight piping plovers were seen at Seabrook Beach on July 4.

A flock of 12 glossy ibis was seen flying over Hampton Marsh on July 4.

Two Philadelphia vireos were seen at Week’s State Park in Lancaster on July 4. Also of note, two mourning warblers were seen near the parking area.

Three white-winged crossbills and several Bicknell’s thrushes were seen near the summit of Cannon Mountain on July 7.

Three white-winged crossbills, a fox sparrow, and four Bicknell’s thrushes were reported from the Caps Ridge Trail located off of Jefferson Notch Road in the White Mountains on July 8.

A Swainson’s thrush continues to be seen in Lempster, and was last reported on July 8. This is a relatively southern breeding record for the state.

Two purple martins were seen north of Cross Beach Road in Seabrook on July 7.

A solitary sandpiper was seen at Cherry Pond in Jefferson on July 8.

A peregrine falcon was seen at Hampton Marsh on July 4.

Birders on a whale watch trip out of Rye Harbor reported seeing a great shearwater, three Wilson’s storm-petrels, three Northern gannets, and a laughing gull on July 4.

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