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Forgotten by the Legislature

July 15. 2018 10:03PM

To the Editor: I am a retired Nashua police officer. I was injured on the job and required to take a medical retirement. At the time, my wife and I had three young children. Even then, the cost of living required my wife to go to work to make it possible to financially survive.

Over the years as the cost of living has increased, our pension has not. We received from 1 percent to 5 percent COLA (cost of living adjustments.) This did not happen every year, and usually averaged 2 percent.

This year, the Legislature granted a one-time $500 payment for 2019 pension benefits. There were three qualifying guidelines: 20 years of service, retired for at least 5 years, and making no more than $30,000.

As a medically retired police officer, as well as other first responders that are injured in the line of duty, we did not make it to 20 years. Not making $30,000 is one I qualify for, and I’ve been retired for more than five years. Being injured was not what I wanted, but each day I put on my uniform and went to work it was understood death or injury was possible.

That $500 may not seem like much money to most of you, but for us, it is a lot.

How sad the Legislature forgot about us that were injured in the line of duty to make it safe for them and their family to walk the streets.


Florence, Ariz.

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