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Poor Lawrence: Mayor wants to sue

July 16. 2018 9:48PM

In another time, this would have been settled by pistols at dawn.

Lawrence, Mass., Mayor Daniel Rivera is furious at U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions for pointing out that his city is the epicenter for drug trafficking in the Northeast. We would hope Rivera would be more upset at the drug trafficking itself than with someone pointing it out.

Rivera is threatening to sue Sessions for criticizing Lawrence’s status as a sanctuary city in a speech last week in Concord. Lawrence Police report when illegal immigrants are arrested, but don’t coorperate with federal immigration officials without a warrant. The problem for Rivera is that truth is always a defense for libel.

New Hampshire Democrats tried this lame “How dare you, sir?” tactic against Gov. Chris Sununu last year, when Sununu correctly noted that the illegal drugs plaguing New Hampshire are going through Lawrence.

We didn’t clutch our pearls when President Trump reportedly called New Hampshire a “drug-infested den” in a private phone call last year. There were more constructive ways to put it, but Trump had a point.

We prefer Sessions’ frank approach to the opioid crisis to Rivera’s continued habit of ignoring his city’s role in it.

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