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Bees sting Manchester Parks and Recreation worker hundreds of times

New Hampshire Union Leader

July 19. 2018 2:55PM
An exterminator sprays a tree on Beech Street in Manchester Thursday where a Public Works employee disturbed a bees nest and was swarmed, suffering hundreds of stings. (JEFFREY HASTINGS PHOTO)

MANCHESTER — A city Parks and Recreation worker was stung hundreds of times by bees Thursday morning while trying to cut down a tree that contained a large hive.

The tree, near 850 Beech St., had been damaged in Tuesday's storm. The worker was in a bucket truck about 25 feet off the ground cutting through the trunk when he disturbed a hidden beehive, according to Don Pinard, director of the Division of Parks, Recreation, and Cemeteries.

A neighbor rushed to help the worker, who became stuck in his harness while trying to escape, and a passing streetsweeper called 911. EMTS responded to the scene around 10 a.m.

"Probably a half-million bees were in the hive itself," District Fire Chief Al Poulin said in a video captured by a photographer. "Then, he had no way of getting out of the bucket where he was strapped in. He received numerous facial stings."

The worker was taken to Elliot Hospital for treatment. He is doing well but will likely remain hospitalized overnight, Pinard said.

Six people were stung in total.

Pinard credited the EMTs, neighbors, and streetsweeper who helped the worker with saving his life.

"There was a couple people looking out for him and that potentially saved his life," he said. "The hospital told me that he was a very lucky man."

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