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CMC's new hire: Tim Soucy keeps giving to the city

July 20. 2018 2:33PM


The City of Manchester's loss is Catholic Medical Center's gain, and thus the city's, as Tim Soucy changes posts.

Soucy has served admirably for the Manchester Health Department for almost three decades, and as director since 2006. That era has included the opioid drug crisis that has presented one of our toughest health challenges in modern times.

Soucy, like many city officials, rolled up his sleeves and went to work. After one election-year roundtable, he memorably said he was sick of attending roundtables. He wanted to get to work on the problem. He also introduced the Narcan recovery drug to schools through their on-site nurses.

Soucy was not bashful. He spoke out when legislation was proposed to add to school nursing requirements. He thought them too broad and overreaching, which they were.

Soucy leaves his city post to take the job of director of community health and mission for CMC. It is a good fit for a man who clearly loves his city and has more to give to it.

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