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Bill and Jack's Bogus Dinner

August 08. 2018 11:16PM

It was merely two years ago that the New Hampshire Democratic Party stripped the names of two U.S. Presidents, including one of America’s founding fathers, from its annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner.

It seemed odd that even as the party was running against a supposed Republican War on Women, it would honor a pair of philandering politicians.

Now, the party is changing the name of its Clinton-Kennedy Dinner in favor of former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Democrats like to erase history they find inconvenient. Congressional candidates Chris Pappas and Maura Sullivan are now squabbling over Civil War monuments, hardly a pressing issue here.

Removing Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson was part of a nationwide frenzy among liberals to remove names of slave owners. This trend even has some thinking about renaming Austin, Texas.

Ted Kennedy left a woman to die, yet he remains a Democratic icon. Even if the Democrats’ dinner wasn’t named after the Senator from Chappaquiddick, his brother was also a notorious womanizer who valued women for their bodies, and their silence.

Changing the name of their fundraiser may allow Democrats to ignore their party’s history of covering up for cads, but we won’t forget.

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