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Turning off the NFL

August 10. 2018 2:41PM

To the Editor: It is easy to understand why Chris Girard of Chester says that the NFL is no longer on his TV watch list. It is also no longer on mine either.

I do not enjoy having my football games politicized any more than he does. NFL players had better understand something about the football fields where NFL games are played: Each football field is their workplace.

If these players were working in one of President Donald Trump’s hotels and were found to be protesting brutal treatment of African-Americans on company time, they would find themselves unemployed very quickly!

So should it be when they kneel in protest on company time. The fans who want to see football games played when they tune in should keep their television sets shut completely off even before the game begins and while National Anthem is being played. If and when the players do come out of their locker rooms after the last strains of the Star Spangled Banner have faded away, they should be greeted by empty seats in the stadiums until they learn that the football field is their workplace and that people do not have to see the game. They can find other outlets for themselves and other things on which to invest their money and time.


Chestnut Street


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