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Say yes to renewable energy

August 23. 2018 7:52PM

To the Editor: In response to your editorial “The NIMBY State: Saying no to new energy,” I propose “The YIMBY State: Saying yes to renewable energy.”

ISO-New England predicting rolling blackouts? New Hampshire’s Consumer Advocate, D. Maurice Kreis, says, “not a chance!”

These are cost-effective ways to increase the availability of power without adding new fossil-fuel infrastructure.

Use Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative money for energy-efficiency programs rather than direct rebates to customers that amount to a few dollars each year. NH Saves estimates up to 20 percent could be saved on energy.

Support renewable energy. The report of the New Hampshire House Committee to Study Offshore Wind Energy found that up to 2.8 gigawatts could be generated from offshore wind, roughly the electricity provided by Seabrook Station. Solar, wind, and geothermal energy sources decrease demand for fossil fuels.

Of course, none of these alternatives would enrich any public utility. They do, however, enrich the local economy, provide local jobs, attract businesses, and create an environment that will attract young people to the Granite State.

If we are to power our economy and bring down electric rates, “Just say no” cannot be our energy strategy. New Hampshire lawmakers must embrace new ways to meet our power needs.

Please vote for wise energy policy on Sept. 11!



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