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Sullivan will fight for us

August 30. 2018 8:07PM

To the Editor: Michael Avenatti, everyone’s favorite lawyer to hate, recently said “Democrats have a tendency to bring nail clippers to a gunfight,” and while hilarious, it’s true. Don’t forget, apparently there’s a civil way we should be calling out bigotry, racism, and human rights violations.

It was 12:45 a.m. last Friday when I heard a startling ad on CNN: “This is a weapon similar to the one I trained on in the Marines. No child should face one of these in New Hampshire’s classrooms.” I was donating to Maura Sullivan’s campaign before the 30-second spot ended.

I cry with each school shooting, horrified that one day my 3-year-old daughter might face the same. I bet you do, too. Maura Sullivan won’t back down on common-sense gun control, because being civil isn’t her priority. She’s a fighter, and she didn’t get started with nail clippers. Some consider Maura an outsider. She didn’t get endorsements from the local political heroes. I get it.

But I have questions: Are those people fighting as hard as you’d like them to? Are they getting anywhere? Could they use an extra set of hands not preoccupied with being nice? Think long and hard about those answers. They matter.

What we don’t need is a yes man in Washington. We need a leader, a fighter, a voice, and someone who isn’t afraid to hold their ground. Maura Sullivan is that person.



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