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Sullivan wasn’t the problem

September 03. 2018 9:40PM

To the Editor: It is beyond belief that you would try to blame Maura Sullivan for the problems of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

I arrived here 14 years ago and found the Manchester VA Medical Center to be dirty, rude, and to lack the specialists that I needed to deal with my service connected disability. In short, totally typical of what I had come to expect of the VA.

My father, who served more than 28 years in the U.S. Army, refused to his last breath to step foot in a VA hospital as he was treated so badly when he retired in 1980. The problems with the VA did not start with President Obama and are certainly not being improved by the current administration.

What did happen is that the Obama administration declined to cover it up, instead bringing the issues to light, and starting to work on improvements. To say that Sullivan was a part of the problem is unfair and untrue.

As a veteran, I am tired to death of hearing politicians offering to start wars over this insult or that political slight. We need people who are tested leaders and can get the job done. Maura Sullivan is the woman for the job, and I will certainly vote for her on Sept. 11.



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