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Hide your wallets: Marchand's local income tax

September 05. 2018 11:34PM

Do you trust your aldermen or selectmen with your paycheck?

Steve Marchand, desperately trying to get to the left of liberal Molly Kelly in the Democratic gubernatorial primary, floated a really bad idea in Tuesday night’s Granite State Debate.

Not content to increase the size of state government despite his past pledges to veto a sales or income tax, Marchand now wants to give local governments the option of imposing an income tax.

One of the many reasons why New Hampshire has wisely avoided an income tax is that it would erode our competitive advantage over neighboring states. How much more damaging would a local income tax be, when families would only need move one town over to avoid it?

Because the New Hampshire Constitution bars taxes of differing rates, Marchand’s local income tax would have a flat rate, hitting low-income families as hard as the rich.

Marchand is trying to shed his moderate “No Labels” image from way back in 2016. Kelly is hoping people forget that she was willing to back an income or sales tax when she was running in one of the most liberal Senate districts in the state. Both are flailing to find an issue to use against incumbent Republican Gov. Chris Sununu.

Cities and towns would be foolish to adopt a local income tax. As a former mayor, Marchand surely knows this. He’s just hoping that Democrats voting in Tuesday’s primary don’t know any better.

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