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Unleash Bernie

September 10. 2018 8:39PM

To the Editor: I hope to see more of Bernie Sanders expounding his socialist principles throughout the country on behalf of the Democratic Party. I would recommend that Bernie invite a contingent of Venezuelan legislators to the United States to share their stories of how that country has benefited from socialism.

I’m sure they will not talk about people starving on a grand scale as a result of one of the most prosperous countries in South America disintegrating before their eyes. They will not mention zoo animals disappearing for food consumption.

Initially, all was good during the early days of nationalizing the banks, airlines, and energy sectors. However, the money began to run out and the will to invest in the country slowly came to an end.

Socialism sounds great until people see what it produces. Ask the Cubans in Miami. They understand socialism. They will tell you how they risked their lives coming to this country on rubber rafts in shark-infested waters to live under the beautiful American flag.

Bernie Sanders and those who espouse his principles are the best thing that ever happened to the Republican Party. It is comical to listen to Democratic strategists dance around socialism. Instead, they speak in terms of being a progressive or a moderate. More big government and layers and layers of regulations will never produce anything but stagnation.

Thank you, Bernie.



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