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End of an era

September 11. 2018 10:32PM

To the Editor: We are witness to the end of an era with the passing of a war hero, dedicated statesman, and great American who so loved and believed in his country that he committed his life to serve it.

John McCain understood the meaning and sanctity of his oath and had the strength of character to honor it, a character that was forged in the fire of war and tested in the enemy prison camp torture chambers of that war. His wartime experience as a POW did not defeat him, but instead, it tempered the steel he was made of making him stronger. It reinforced his love of country and strengthened his commitment to serve its people, which he did with unrivaled integrity, honor, and moral courage to do what was fair and right.

He seemingly understood better than anyone that he was elected by the people, to serve the people above all else, foregoing competing political and personal interests. He spoke truth to power, championed bipartisan cooperation, and tirelessly devoted his energy to promote the country he believed in. He had an unshakable faith and trust in all of us, his fellow countrymen, to stand for and uphold the principles and ideals that make this a great nation of free people.

John McCain will be well remembered for all that he was, and he will be held up as a shining example of what it means to serve with honor, courage, integrity, and humility. May we all learn from his example.



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