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Party unity: Which Dems stand with Woodburn?

September 13. 2018 11:13PM

The Unity Breakfast is a New Hampshire political tradition in which candidates come together shortly after the primary to pretend they have gotten over the wounds they’ve just inflicted on one another.

Republicans and Democrats gathered separately Thursday morning to present unified tickets. But Democrats are anything but unified about the reelection of Sen. Jeff Woodburn.

Woodburn was arrested in August on nine misdemeanor charges related to domestic violence against his “intimate partner.” He maintains his innocence and has ignored bipartisan calls for his resignation.

Kathleen Kelley lost a write-in campaign to replace Woodburn as the Democratic nominee.

Woodburn’s primary win prompted Coos County Democratic Chairman Ted Bosen to step down. Berlin Mayor Paul Grenier is sticking by Woodburn. Where does Molly Kelly stand?

Party chair Ray Buckley called for Woodburn’s resignation even before the arrest was made public. Does that mean the party will not be supporting Woodburn’s candidacy, or including him in get-out-the-vote efforts?

Prosecutors have sealed records in the investigation, arguing that it is ongoing. The Berlin Daily Sun has petitioned the court to unseal the records that led to Woodburn’s arrest.

Woodburn deserves his day in court, but the public has a right to know more before election day. The voters have a right to know where the Democratic Party, particularly its candidate for governor, stands on the matter.


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