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Hold your fire: Take serious charges seriously

September 18. 2018 8:01PM

The allegations leveled at Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh by clinical psychology professor Christine Blasey Ford are serious.

Serious people should take them seriously.

Then, there is Molly Kelly.

While the Senate Judiciary Committee is postponing its scheduled vote in order to hear from Ford and give Kavanaugh a chance to defend himself, Kelly is using the episode for short-term political advantage.

She is attacking Gov. Chris Sununu for refusing to withdraw his support for Kavanaugh while the Senate searches for the truth, and her campaign even said Sununu had “cast doubt” on Ford’s claim.

Sununu did no such thing. Do courts cast doubt on a victim’s story when they let a defendant mount a defense? Do colleges cast doubt on rape victims when they adjudicate such claims rather than summarily expelling the accused?

Kelly’s disdain for due process is unseemly for anyone seeking to appoint judges and oversee the New Hampshire Department of Justice.

Kavanaugh flatly denies Ford’s allegation, and believes she has confused him with another student from a party in 1982 that he says he didn’t attend.

If Kavanaugh is lying, he should not sit on the U.S. Supreme Court. But Ford may be mistaken. Human memory is fallible, and Ford does not remember many key details of the night in question.

The Senate may never be able to determine the absolute truth, but we should not launch political attacks before it has even tried.

Editor’s Note: On Tuesday night, CNN reported that Kavanaugh's accuser, Christine Ford, wants the FBI to probe allegations before she testifies.


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