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It’s still the economy, stupid

September 20. 2018 11:08PM

To the Editor: In 1992, Bill Clinton rode to victory with the phrase, “It’s the economy, stupid!”

In 2018, the election is not so much about personality as it is about policy, and it’s still about the economy, stupid!

Under the Trump administration and Republican policies, Americans have procured more personal income and more jobs through less regulation and lower taxes.

Don’t be sucker-punched by Democrat rhetoric calling for impeachment and investigations into President Trump. These are diversionary tactics (like sideshows at a circus) taking your attention from the main event, and ignoring what President Trump is actually doing through his policies of prosperity.

President Trump is getting things done to make America prosperous again. He is fulfilling promises made. Jobs are back in America. American factories are humming once again. America is experiencing a growing economy of 4.2 percent. According to Market Watch, millions of Americans’ personal 401(k)s are up.

Trade dealings with other countries are finally equalizing favorably toward America. The unfair NAFTA agreement enacted by Bill Clinton is being renegotiated on more favorable, equal terms. China is now coming to the table to renegotiate trade with the USA. European countries are paying their fair share to their own defense in NATO. Peace with North Korea is on the horizon. America is respected once again; no more apologies.

And yes, President Obama, President Trump does seem to wield a magic wand!


Sugar Hill


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