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This week's DWI License Revocations

September 23. 2018 10:05PM

CONCORD — The Director of Motor Vehicles, Elizabeth A. Bielecki, has released the following list of Driving While Intoxicated revocations. Please note the actual date of revocation may have preceded this announcement.

Raymond R. Smith, 25, Andover; Clarence F. Digman, 45, Ashland; Ryan M. Wunschel, 35, Ashuelot; Robert L. Page Jr., 29, Atkinson; Corey Howarth, 22, and Dakota F. Briere, 22, both of Barrington; Nicole N. James, 50, Bath; Spencer E. Lang, 29, Bedford; Jason L. Tarr, 28, and Steven B. Bolduc, 25, both of Belmont; Mary K. Crooker, 25, Berlin; Zackary F. Peterson, 20, Bethlehem; Sean R. Langley, 33, Campton; Cody P. Croteau, 34, Charlestown; Jacqueline C. Boucher, 43, Chester; Kevin M. Breslend, 58, Chesterfield; Alan M. Knox, 29, Eleanor M. Stringer, 21, James R. Bourgoine, 27, all of Claremont; Charles A. Ross, 25, Evan P. Byers, 23, Jeewan Dhital, 23, Lacey F. Lane, 27, and Paul Eric Loukedes, 47, all of Concord; Heaven S. Hebert, 26, Jeffrey H. Raymond, 29, and Matthew T. Stephen, 39, all of Conway; Dana M. Taylor, 47, Ctr. Harbor; Billy P. Palermo, 40, Mark S. Hayes, 55, Robert J. O’Hanlon, 25, and Thomas J. Keefe, 70, all of Derry; Harmony A. McClellan, 35, Meaghan J. Layden, 28, and Natasha E.Nailor, 30, all of Dover; Kevin M. Kuzil, 29, Elkins; Alexander J. Tice, 29, and Michael A. Sanville, 31, both of Enfield; Cameron Jake Baer, 26, and Nancy A. Denault, 60, both of Epping; Kenneth Cruz, 44, Exeter; Bailey C. Pratt, 18, and Carroll E. Wakefield, 43, both of Fitzwilliam; Joseph Brackley, 37, Franklin; David R. Marchand, 48, and Michael B. Shattuck, 28, both of Fremont; James L. Macquarrie Jr., 60, and Timothy J. Lahey, 66, both of Gilford; Robin D. Blood, 55, Gilsum; Jenna L. Babcock, 33, Nicholas M. Zaricki, 27, and Trisha A. Maliska, 48, all of Goffstown; Dwayne Fenlason, 52, and Scott Allen Smith, 55, both of Grafton; Brandi M. Woodman, 42, and Tracie Anne Plodzik, 51, both of Grantham; Nicholas A. Wildes, 33, Greenland; Kevin S. Trask, 35, Groveton; Edward F. Zaremba, 61, Hampstead; Alan Jay Perreault, 63, and Lindsey J. Turcotte, 18, both of Hampton; Trevor Will Grew, 28, and Zachary T. Blaisdell, 20, both of Hampton Falls; Peter B. Rankins, 76, Hanover; Kristal A. Castillo, 34, and Marissa E. Williams, 31, both of Hudson; Katy J. Dowd, 36, Kearsarge; Amy N. Clark, 30, Bradford P. Todd, 53, Brett A. Bailey, 28, David M. McGuirk, 28, Jennifer M. Keel, 43, Michael J. Kimball, 29, Richard Turner, 37, Seth S. Geraghty, 37, Toni L. Olivo, 38, all of Keene; Francis D. Howes, 31, Kevin M. Leach, 51, and Michael Ventola, 55, all of Laconia; Eric Hesseltine, 32, Landaff; Bryan D. Tibbals, 31, James D. Milius, 32, and Michael P. Despres, 36, all of Lebanon; Everett A. Seale, 37, Lempster; Ginger E. Rackliffe, 40, Litchfield; Aisha B. Fekay, 30, Brian P. Moody, 47, and Michael W. Williams, 59, all of Littleton; Jessica L. Coon, 27, Matthew B. Leva, 32, and Robert G. Haas, 56, all of Londonderry; Joshua C. Bushong, 38, and Terry Lynn Crittenden, 49, both of Madbury; Alexander R. Wenta, 30, Christopher M. Greenwood, 32, Dylan R. Marshall, 21, Jacob A. Ellsworth, 20, Karen L. Lawrence, 60, Keith E. Nadeau, 29, Kevin W. Powers, 50, Michelle R. McCorkle-Whittaker, 38, Mohamed J. Fadlalla, 29, Robert Koehler, 43, Steven J. Furtado, 29, and Tyler J. McWalter, 23, all of Manchester; Alex W. Currier, 23, John R. Vachon, 33, Jonathan W. Bartlett, 30, all of Meredith; Sean Michael McLeod, 43, Merrimack; Laura R. Kifer-Spano, 48, Milford; Susan K. Giroux, 51, Moultonboro; Jesse E. Cormiea, 33, and Michael J. Milot, 54, both of N. Woodstock; Adelina Jean, 47, Angelo V. Vitali Jr., 19, April L. Murphy, 43, Bernard E. Doucette Jr., 51, Kiley C. Buckshot, 24, Michael Joseph Stansbury, 50, Murray A. O’Brien II, 50, Randolph R. Jackson, 48, and Richard I. Stanley, 89, all of Nashua; Annette M. Cassell, 23, New Durham; Timothy A. Castle, 19, Newton; Amanda Brooke Keniston, 18, and Craig W. Popsie, 37, both of Northfield; Thomas A. Sayers, 46, Nottingham; Reana J. Moran, 28, Penacook; Daniel N. Thistle, 58, Pittsburg; Paul I. Malm IV, 25, Pittsfield; Jonathan P. Adams, 37, Portsmouth; Abigail J. Southwick, 32, and Amanda L. Ebitson, 28, both of Raymond; Jerome S. Carlson, 43, Joshua W. Morton, 34, Juanita D. Adjutant, 53, Leroy Blake Stover, 77, Michael Wilson, 28, and Samantha L. Murray, 27, all of Rochester; Brody J. Catania, 24, Rumney; Michael J. Dinola, 64, Rye; Andrew A. Thedsanamoorthy, 18, Cory S. Bissonnette, 29, Daniel Seamus Finnegan II, 29, Derek F. Chambers, 27, Kelley J. Marshall, 55, Michael L. Crosby, 28, and Ronald J. Gallant, 63, all of Salem; Michael T. Cady, 22, Sanbornton; Michael C. Christopher, 64, Sanbornville; George E. Fales, 34, Seabook; Nicole R. Schaefer, 23, Somersworth; Matthew D. Stone, 26, Stratham; Steven D. Gagne, 46, Suncook; Jeffrey S. Hull, 59, Swanzey; Richard D. Fournier, 54, Tilton; Stephanie V. Matheson, 35, Webster; Cindy L. Belmonte, 49, Whitefield; Aaron M. Willard, 22, Winchester; Damon T. Miller, 42, Windham; Alfred Ricci-Perry, 29, Wolfeboro; and Tommy J. Dube, 22, Woodsville.

Out of state

Mariya Helene Nomanbhoy, 34, San Francisco, Calif.; Lisa Hartford, 35, Bristol, Conn.; Elizabeth C. Jackson, 51, New Hartford, Conn.; Joseph Savarese, 62, Amesbury, Mass.; Thomas B. Ellis, 59, Billerica, Mass.; Amber Hallisey, 25, Bradford, Mass.; Brandon D. Kunz, 26, Brewster, Mass.; Susan L. Reagan, 49, Dracut, Mass.; Todd A. Gangnon, 51, Fitchburg, Mass.; Raymond M. Messina, 53, Haverhill, Mass.; David T. Vidal, 21, Eric Grenier, 45, and Lucas B. McArdle, 37, all of Lawrence, Mass.; Jacob N. Brown, 19, and Lwae Moo, 24, both of Lowell, Mass.; Edwin Ruiz-Lara, 35, Lynn, Mass.; Kevin Davis, 54, Marshfield, Mass.; Christopher Menchin, 26, Medford, Mass.; Mary E. Chetelat, 30, and Nancy Sidie, 65, both of Methuen, Mass.; Samantha L. Higgins, 27, North Chelmsford, Mass.; Anthony Nganga, 37, Stoneham, Mass.; Mike Lacasse, 24, Tyngsboro, Mass.; Paul C. Sullivan, 51, Wilmington, Mass.; Francis M. Charles, 48, Worcester, Mass.; Nicolette Peach, 27, and Tony G. Carr, 53, both of Berwick, Maine; Norine A. Madar, 45, Brownfield, Maine; Allyson Martel, 22, and Marieshonta Provencher, 37, both of Eliot, Maine; Richard M. Maio, 28, Kittery, Maine; Richard Goodwin, 75, Lebanon, Maine; David W. Marsh, 29, Old Orchard, Maine; Tyler M. Corriveau, 21, Rome, Maine; April A. Torname, 51, Davis, N.C.; Bradley J. Sparbanie, 22, Towanda, Pa.; John C. Ricks, 28, Houston, Texas; Damon G. Bennett, 38, Bellows Falls, Vt.; Jennifer C. Lovell, 37, Essex Junction, Vt.; Brandon J. Ray, 28, Putney, Vt.; Megan E. Dorsey, 38, Queeche, Vt.; Casey Gifford, 28, Craig Willard, 48, and Jennifer A. Tetreault, 48, all of Springfield, Vt.; Elroy L. Litchfield, 67, White River Jct., Vt.; and Christopher Olmsted, 23, Windsor, Vt.

Public Safety Crime

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