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True stories from the files of the Armed Citizen

September 24. 2018 10:38PM

Prepared gunowner comes to defense of coworker

One employee at a George Webb restaurant in Milwaukee is undoubtedly glad that one of her coworkers owns and carries a gun. The woman was cooking behind the counter when a man walked up to her and slugged her in the face, giving her a concussion.

After the injured cook stumbled away, a colleague emerged from another area of the restaurant, pointed a gun at the assailant and directed him to leave. Surveillance cameras recorded the incident, and police disseminated the clip to get help finding the suspect., Milwaukee, Wis., July 6, 2018

Never bring a beer bottle to a gunfight

A high-speed pursuit with California Highway Patrol officers behind him apparently wasn’t enough trouble for a reckless driver out west. After the chase, which reached speeds of 105 mph, led to the loss of control of his car, the driver exited his vehicle and fled the scene on foot. Soon enough, he came upon a home. He grabbed a beer bottle he found on the ground and forced his way into the house, whereupon he threatened to do harm unless the residents turned over the keys to their car.

A woman in the home retrieved the keys from another room, but when she returned to give them to the man, she had a surprise — a handgun. She handed that to her male friend, who aimed it at the intruder and told him to stop. The perpetrator refused this sound advice and instead went to the garage and started the car.

Later, he drove it toward the resident, who shot him to death through the windshield., Janesville, Calif., July, 11, 2018

Crime spree cut short

A man bent on embarking on a crime spree began by gaining entrance to a residence and attempting to cause damage to the inside of the home. The resident called 9-1-1 to report the break-in, then he and his family safely made it to a neighbor’s house.

Minutes later, a second 9-1-1 call was made from a neighboring residence reporting that an intruder had broken into their locked screened porch, shattered a glass door to the home and attempted entry. The homeowner ordered the trespasser to leave but the intruder continued his entry.

The homeowner, fearing for his family’s safety, fired multiple rounds at the trespasser, hitting him. The criminal was taken to a local hospital, and the homeowner was not arrested.

Georgetown Gazette, Cool, Calif., August 8, 2018

Gun stops knife

When a man threatened the lives of passengers on a Greyhound bus, an armed passerby confronted the knife-wielding criminal. The bus was reportedly heading to Denver when a passenger threatened both the driver and fellow passengers with a knife.

The aggressor gained access into the driver’s secured area and attempted to attack the driver while grabbing the steering wheel. Once the bus crashed, the attacker broke one of the windows and attempted to flee.

Luckily, an armed passerby confronted the criminal, ordered him to drop the knife, and held him until police arrived. Some passengers sustained minor injuries, and the aggressor faces multiple charges.

The Denver Post, Fountain, Colo., August 21, 2018

Concealed carry saves the baby

A fight broke out among family members inside a home, migrating outside the house when the homeowner threatened to call the police. The homeowner was holding a 4-month-old infant and had been helping another family member study for a test when the confrontation broke out among two others in the house.

Still holding the infant, he exited to the porch in an attempt to stop the fight, which is when the aggressor turned and charged at him, beating him in the face and head, nearly causing him to drop the baby on the concrete.

Fearing for his life and that of the infant, he drew his legally concealed firearm and fired once at his attacker, hitting him in the chest and killing him. The infant was unharmed, and the man, suffering minor injuries, was not charged. The attacker had a lengthy criminal history.

Red Bluff Daily News, Redding, Calif,, August 23, 2018

These items are reprinted with permission from The American Rifleman, magazine of the National Rifle Association.


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