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Friedman for representative

September 24. 2018 9:44PM

To the Editor: I am writing to thank all those residents of Bedford that supported me in the recent primary election. I am campaigning for a New Hampshire House position from Bedford because I believe the residents of Bedford deserve a choice of representation.

The following areas are my priorities as they impact the residents of Bedford and of New Hampshire directly:

Working to reduce the opioid addiction problem using state and federal resources to identify effective prevention and treatment strategies that are accessible to citizens throughout the state.

Making groundwater and our environment safe for all residents of Bedford and New Hampshire by funding adequate monitoring and testing for water contamination and air pollution as well as making sure that those that caused any pollution are responsible for resolving it.

Work to reduce the cost of post-high school education to individuals and families to reduce education loan debt.

Partnering with and rewarding business that identify ways to make New Hampshire attractive to young people and families so they can afford to live here.

Ensuring that no state policy that funds private or non-public education reduces current public educational funding or has any potential to cause an increase in local tax rate for residents of Bedford or other New Hampshire communities.

I ask for your support in the upcoming election on Nov. 6 so I can work on these problems on your behalf.



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