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Nearly 40 condominiums OK'd for Nashua's Gilson Road

Union Leader Correspondent

September 25. 2018 10:55PM
These plans on file at Nashua City Hall show the layout of 39 new condominiums to be built on Gilson Road. (Kimberly Houghton/Correspondent)

NASHUA — City planners have approved the construction of nearly 40 homes along Gilson Road.

The condominium development dubbed Thompson’s Preserve will include 39 detached houses for residents 55 and older, and will be built on a 13 acre parcel at 65 Gilson Road.

“The plan includes the construction of two private streets that will service the single-family detached residential development,” James Petropulos, president of Hayner Swanson Inc., wrote in a letter to the Nashua City Planning Board.

Etchstone Properties, Inc., is the developer for the project, which was approved earlier this month by city planners.

The majority of the housing units will be located along a new road, Pasture Lane, with the remaining seven units being housed off a new cul-de-sac, Paddock Circle.

The site’s property is located in the Four Hills landfill groundwater management zone, according to a memo from Scott McPhie, city planner.

“The one existing well on the property will be capped, as is general practice,” wrote McPhie, adding the overlay zone prevents wells from being dug on site.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services previously visited the site and had no objection to the future development, according to McPhie.

Petropulos said that his client has a “wealth of experience constructing senior living projects.”

There are currently two single-family homes located on the property that will be removed as part of the project.

Thompson’s Preserve will include a community building and offer services for senior citizens such as social activities, continuing education programs, homemaker services, emergency and preventative health care programs, counseling services and more, according to the plans on file at Nashua City Hall.

The developer will be constructing a sidewalk along the front of the site, in addition to a pedestrian path on the north side of Gilson Road to connect to Nashua’s Ayer Rail Trail.

“It is our opinion that there is a significant public benefit to constructing almost 1,670 feet of pedestrian path and sidewalk along Gilson Road,” said Petropulos.

Each condominium unit, which will be less than 1,000 square feet, will include its own garage and be serviced by private septic, Pennichuck Water and underground utilities, states the plans.

“According to the applicant’s engineer, the site is relatively level. Lyle Reed Brook is a critical wetland on the property requiring a 40-feet buffer,” said McPhie.

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