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Edwards for Congress: Clear choice in the First District

October 09. 2018 10:07PM

Nice economy you got there. It would be a shame if anything happened to it.

With unemployment at its lowest point in half a century, it would be foolish to reverse the policies that roused the American economy from its long slumber.

In New Hampshire’s First Congressional District, Eddie Edwards is the clear choice to keep the economy moving.

Democrat Chris Pappas is a strong candidate, but his ideas for economic development are just the same, tired big-government programs that Washington Democrats have been offering for decades. He wants the federal government to dictate leave time policies to small businesses.

His plan for higher education is to increase the federal funds to colleges that have driven tuition costs through the roof. He wants to pass a job-killing increase in the minimum wage.

Eddie Edwards wants to get Uncle Sam out of the way in order to unleash America’s entrepreneurial spirit. His plan would reduce bureaucratic red tape, streamline the federal tax code, and concentrate on lowering college costs in order to bring down tuition and student loans.

Edwards would also work to lower energy and health care costs, two obstacles to economic growth in New Hampshire.

Granite Staters have waited a decade to see the economic activity some argued would never return. Sending Eddie Edwards to Congress would help keep America’s economic engine humming.


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