Henniker Bridge #63

May 23. 2013 3:11PM


New England College
Henniker, NH

The Henniker bridge was built by Milton Graton and his son Arnold in 1972 using traditional methods. For example, the framed trusses were pulled across the river by a team of oxen. The bridge serves New England College and the community of Henniker as a footbridge across the Contoocook River.

Year of Construction: - 1972

Original Cost: - $80,000

South of N.H. Route 9 in Henniker Village spanning the Contoocook River.

Town lattice truss. The bridge is 136'7" long with a clear span of 114'6". It has an overall width of 18'4" with a roadway width of 14'5" and a maximum vertical clearance of 14'7". The bridge is limited to pedestrian and maintenance vehicle use.