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New Hampshire Olympians in 2010

2010 Granite State Olympians

The men and women on this page went to Vancouver, BC Canada in February 2010 with aspirations of winning a gold medal for their country and bragging rights to the title "Best in the World." These athletes with ties to New Hampshire make up only a small portion of the athletes that represented a multitude of countries in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics.
Nick AlexanderNick Alexander
Birthdate: August 24, 1988
Event: Ski Jumping
NH Connection: Lives in Lebanon.
Previous Olympics: None
Fast Fact: Nick grew up jumping in the Lebanon Outing Club.
• Video: Team USA fails to advance
Update From Vancouver:
• Nick was knocked out in the final round of the Normal Hill ski jumping final, taking 41st place, and tying with teammate Peter Frenette.
• On February 19, 2010 Nick qualified in 28th place in the Large Hill ski jumping competition.
• Nick ranked 40th on the Large Hill competition, coming down with a score of 79.2, which wasn't enough to qualify him for the final round.
Jimmy CochranJimmy Cochran
Birthdate: May 29, 1981
Event: Alpine Skiing
NH Connection: Lives in Keene.
Previous Olympics: 2006
Fast Fact: His grandfather was the U.S. head coach in 1974, and his dad and three aunts were also Olympians.
Update From Vancouver:
• Cochran skied out of the Men's Slalom course on Saturday, February 27 but came back to finish the race. He ranked 44 with a time of 54.94.
Kris FreemanKris Freeman
Birthdate: October 14, 1980
Event: Cross Country Skiing
NH Connection: Born in Concord. Lives in Thornton.
Previous Olympics: 2002, 2006
Fast Fact: Kris was diagnosed with Type 1 (juvenile) diabetes at age 20 and uses a pump called an OmniPod to administer his insulin, even when he is racing.
Update From Vancouver:
• Freeman finished 59th in the Men's Cross-Country 15km on February 15, 2010. He completed the course in 36 minutes, 41.6 seconds.
• Freeman finished 45th in the Men's Cross-Country 30km on February 20, 2010. He completed the course in 1 hour, 23 minutes and 2.6 seconds.
Hannah KearneyHannah Kearney
Birthdate: February 26, 1986
Event: Freestyle Skiing
NH Connection: Born in Hanover.
Previous Olympics: 2006
Fast Fact: Kearney grew up surrounded by animals - chickens, bunnies, a goat, horses, and a dog and cat. While she was injured in 2007, she adopted a 7-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, Lola, from an elderly woman who couldn't care for her.
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Update From Vancouver:
• Hannah led in the Women's moguls qualifying on February 13.
• Hannah is the first American gold medal winner of the Vancouver Olympics, defeating Canadian Jenn Heil by .94 points!

Hilary KnightHilary Knight
Birthdate: July 12, 1989
Event: Ice Hockey
NH Connection: Born in Hanover.
Previous Olympics: None
Fast Fact: Hilary is the youngest member of the U.S. Hockey Team. Her and her brothers taught their parents how to skate when Hilary was in high school.
Update From Vancouver:
• The U.S. beat China 12 to 1 on February 14, 2010. Hilary picked up an assist.
• The U.S. beat Russia 13 to 0 on February 16, 2010. Hilary picked up four additional assists, with three during the first period, an Olympic record.
• The U.S. beat Russia 13 to 0 on February 16, 2010. Hilary picked up four additional assists, with three during the first period, an Olympic record.
• On February 18, 2010 Hilary scored her first goal in a game against Finland. Team U.S.A. won 5-0.
• Hilary picked up two assists on February 22, 2010 in the Women's Semifinals against Sweden.
• Canada beat the Americans in the finals, 2-0.
Scotty LagoScotty Lago
Birthdate: November 12, 1987
Event: Snowboarding
NH Connection: Born in Seabrook. Lives in Hampton Falls.
Previous Olympics: None
Fast Fact: Scotty is part of the "FRENDS" crew. The group consists of Scotty along with Danny Davis, Mason Aguirre, Kevin Pearce, Jack and Luke Mitrani, Keir Dillon. The acronym is intentionally missing the "i" because the snowboarders say that there is no individual in the group.
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Update From Vancouver:
• Lago qualified for the semi-finals with a score of 39 and will compete in the 8th position.
• During Lago's first run, he led through the last boarder (Shaun White), coming in second with a score of 42.8 putting him in medal contention.
• Lago wiped out on his second run, so his first score stands.
• Lago will come home with a bronze medal. Peetu Piroinen of Finland took the silver with a score of 45.0 and American Shaun White took the Gold with a score of 48.4.
Bode MillerBode Miller
Birthdate: October 12, 1977
Event: Alpine Skiing
NH Connection: Born in Easton. Lives in Sugar Hill.
Previous Olympics: 1998, 2002, 2006
Fast Fact: Bode was home-schooled and lived on 500 acres in New Hampshire's White Mountains without electricity or running water growing up.
• Article: Bode Miller gets bronze medal in downhill
• Article: Gold for Bode Miller in super-combined
• Article: Bode 'right there,' but skis out of giant slalom
Update From Vancouver:
• Miller captured a Bronze medal in the Men's Downhill on February 15, 2010. He skied in the 8th position and landed in the lead with a run of 1 minute 54.40 seconds. Switzerland's Didier Defago later took the Gold with a run of 1 minute 54.31 seconds, and Norwegian Aksel Lund Svindal grabbed the Silver medal with a 1 minute 54.38 second run, just 2-hundreths of a second faster than Miller.
• This medal makes Miller the most decorated alpine skier in U.S. history.
• Miller still has a chance at additional medals. He will compete in the remaining alpine events, including the giant slalom, slalom, super-G and the combined.
• Bode is taking home a Silver Medal coming in behind Norway's Aksel Lund Svindal in the Super G on February 19, 2010.
• Bode has successfully grabbed a Gold Medal in the Vancouver Olympics, coming in 1st during the Men's Super Combined race on February 20, 2010. His time was 1:53.91 in the downhill and 51.01 in the slalom, for a combined total of 2 minutes, 44.92 seconds.
• Bode skied out of both the Men's Giant Slalom and the Men's Slalom races, ending both races after the first run.
------Leanne SmithLeanne Smith
Birthdate: May 28, 1987
Event: Alpine Skiing
NH Connection: Lives in Conway.
Previous Olympics: None
Fast Fact: Smith is very popular among her teammates for her ability to keep the mood upbeat. She is a fan of the late Chris Farley.
• Article: Conway's Leanne Smith ready for her chance
Update From Vancouver:
• Smith scored a 21st-place finish after competing in the Women's Super Combined race on February 18, 2010. Her time was 1:27.27. She also competed in the Women's Slalom, also coming in 21st with a time of 2:13.97.
• Smith came in 18th place after competing in the Women's Super G race on February 20, 2010. Her time was 1:23.05.


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