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April 15. 2011 12:52PM

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While searches of the New Hampshire Union Leader's archives are free, a fee will be charged to retrieve the full text of any article. To retrieve a full-length story, you must establish an archive account.

1. Choose appropriate keywords and use Boolean operators (words such as "and", "or" and "not") to limit your search. You can also limit the keyword search to the author's name or any word or phrase that appeared in the headline or the article as a whole. Be as specific as possible to narrow your search results.

2. Select the timeframe or dates that you would like to search. The default option is the last six months, but you can also choose a specific year. Or use the search by date feature to choose a specific day, month and year range.

3. Select the way you would like to sort the results of your search. "Most Recent First" is the default. "Relevance" is determined by the number of times your search terms appear in a particular article.

4. Obituaries: To see a list, enter obituary in the search field. You may also search on a name. Submit a last name or, preferably, a full name in quotes, as in: "John L. Doe."

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