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Eversource predicts dip in monthly bills by 5.5 percent

New Hampshire Union Leader

October 02. 2017 8:29PM

MANCHESTER — Eversource is projecting the average monthly residential electricity bill will decrease more than 5 percent to start the new year.

The state’s largest electric utility filed a price forecast Friday with state regulators anticipating a decrease in its Energy Service Charge.

The filing anticipates the energy service charge part of the bill will drop 1.16 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) effective Jan. 1, down to 10.50 cents per kWh from the current energy service charge of 11.66 kWh.

“Combined with adjustments in other rate components, a residential customer purchasing energy from Eversource can expect a monthly bill decrease of about five-and-a-half percent,” said Eversource spokesman Martin Murray.

According to Murray, the monthly bill of a typical residential customer purchasing 600 kWh of electricity a month from Eversource is forecast to drop from $124.50 to $118.84, a savings of $5.67 per month.

The filing is not a request for a rate change.

Eversource’s rate forecast will be updated in a December filing with the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (NHPUC).

The Eversource energy service charge rate is calculated yearly and adjusted every six months based on the company’s actual cost to produce and buy energy it needs for customers.

The January rate adjustment forecast has been calculated based on the company’s actual cost of producing or purchasing the energy it needs to serve its customers.

“Once the sale of the company’s power plants takes place, the Eversource energy charge will be based on obtaining energy from the competitive regional wholesale energy market,” said Murray.

The closing of the power plant sale is expected in the first quarter of 2018.



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