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Billboards dark, arrest warrant out for Michael Gill

New Hampshire Union Leader

November 22. 2017 1:00AM

Michael Gill ...arrest warrants out 

All of Michael Gill’s “The Mortgage Specialist” billboards now appear to have gone dark.

Rockingham County Sheriff deputies have a warrant for his arrest in hand.

And Gill’s latest focus seems to be on winning over President Trump’s pick for U.S. Attorney in Massachusetts.

Such is the current status of Gill, more than seven weeks after a Merrimack County jury awarded $274.5 million to three Manchester-area businessmen who sued him over repeated defamation on billboards, radio programs and social media.

Two weeks ago, the judge who presided over the trial went one step further and ordered Gill to stop making defamatory comments about the three people — Manchester developer Dick Anagnost, AutoFair owner Andy Crews and Bedford banker William Greiner.

In his order, Superior Court Judge Brian Tucker specifically detailed statements Gill could no longer make.

Tucker said courts have recently used a judge’s power to issue an injunction to prevent defamatory speech. The order applies to websites, billboards, social media accounts, blogs and any other media.

Billboards on South Willow Street have been dark for months after a judge ordered the electricity cut off because of complaints brought by neighboring condo owners who claimed the billboards drove away business.

But billboards in Nashua and Plaistow remained operating. As of Tuesday, however, they had gone dark, Anagnost said.

Meanwhile, Gill is the subject of two capias warrants out of Rockingham County Superior Court.

A capias is issued by a judge, usually when a person does not show up for a court hearing or fails to obey a judge’s order.

Gill has ignored a judge’s order to stop defaming hospital executive Alex Walker on the Mortgage Specialist billboard in Nashua, Walker said. The judge issued a capias in mid-October on a contempt order.

“We’re actually looking for him right now,” said Rockingham County Sheriff Major Darin Melanson. He said deputies have visited Gill’s Derry home a few times but to no avail. They’d like to hear from anyone who has seen Gill.

Even though Gill is subject to arrest and booking, he could be released on personal recognizance bail, Melanson said. Melanson said there is no reward for Gill’s capture, and if someone sees him it is best to alert the Rockingham County sheriff.

Gill’s most recent post is a 27-minute video message on his Facebook page, which was posted Nov. 9, the same day that Tucker released his order.

In it, Gill said three murder attempts have been made on his life.

“I don’t quit. I don’t go away, but I’ve got to be careful. There’s a standing contract on my life,” he said in the video.

Gill spoke before attempting to provide a file of papers to Andrew Lelling, President Trump’s nominee for U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts. The papers, he said, back up his claims about drug cartels, insurance fraud and IRS corruption.

The post had 613,000 views as of Tuesday and has been shared 1,380 times.

“Glad to hear from you. I was scared that they got you,” wrote someone identified by her Facebook profile as Neasie Whitesell-Ervin of Hamilton, Ohio.

The message includes defamatory remarks about AutoFair and mentions Anagnost.

Anagnost said he and his fellow plaintiffs are considering a contempt order because the social media post remains up.

He said they already have attachments against real estate that Gill or his company own in Manchester, Nashua and Plaistow and the Gill home in Derry. He said a sale could take place in six months.

The court papers can be viewed below:

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