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Judge rules Lewandowski in contempt of court in Windham property battle

Union Leader Correspondent

September 25. 2018 8:44PM

Corey Lewandowski 

BRENTWOOD — A judge has found President Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in contempt for repeatedly ignoring a court order issued earlier this year that prohibited him and his work crew from continuing to use his Windham neighbor’s land to access his property while he was building a new garage.

In a ruling issued Friday, Rockingham County Superior Court Judge David Anderson ordered Lewandowski to pay $1,000 to cover the legal fees for neighbors Glenn and Irene Schwartz, who have been fighting Lewandowski after he filed a $5 million lawsuit against them last year over the property dispute.

Lewandowski, a frequent Fox News guest who recently joined Vice President Mike Pence’s political action committee to assist with mid-term elections, claimed that the Schwartzes were harassing and blocking construction workers from using the easement on their land to reach a piece of property near his residence where he was building a six-bay garage.

The Schwartzes have argued that the easement, which is a dirt road, was being overused for the garage construction and have claimed that Lewandowski has bullied and threatened to use his political clout to make their lives difficult.

Judge Anderson initially allowed construction vehicles to use the easement last year, but in February ruled that it could only be used until March 15. Both sides agreed to extend the deadline to April 5.

The Schwartzes filed a motion in May alleging that Lewandowski was in contempt for allegedly violating the February order. They later provided information to the court claiming that Lewandowski, his family or his contractors had used the easement 106 times between April 6 and July 21.

“While the court might be willing to accept an occasional violation as being inadvertent, this systematic violation of the court order evidences, at the very least, a complete disregard of the court’s order,” Anderson wrote in his order.

He found that the Schwartzes had established “clear and convincing evidence” that Lewandowski was in contempt up until July 21. Because he has been in compliance since July, Anderson did not impose any fines. Instead, he awarded the Schwartzes $1,000 in attorney’s fees.

Anderson also denied Lewandowski’s motion asking that the Schwartzes be found in contempt after he accused them of trespassing on his property to take pictures, harassing construction workers, videotaping his children and driving “aggressively” near one child, and aiming video surveillance toward his house.

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